The Legend of the Gospel Train Bundle

Storybook + Party Planning Packet + Free CD

Ages: 3+ years

Do you want to pull off a Birthday Party for Jesus this coming Christmas? This bundle of tools is all you need, except of course the children.

• Start with the premier guide for creating a birthday party for Jesus, the Happy Birthday Jesus! Party Planning Packet. Highly illustrated, it has everything you need to know to create a birthday party venue for teaching kids about the real Jesus of Christmas.

• Add to it The Legend of the Gospel Train storybook, beautifully written and illustrated by Lucy Schultz. She calls it a contemporary parable that uses the image of a train ride with invisible tickets, to explain the Gospel by integrating pure and simple Biblical TRUTH. This is read to the children during the party. Very captivating!

• Third, there is the Gospel Train Compact Disc which includes the read-along audio version of the storybook, three songs in English, Spanish and German and the audio eBook for iPad.