Honoring Mothers Who Honor God

All mothers deserve to be honored this Mother's Day.

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(Introduction by John Seiter)

But some, more than others.  To be clear, I have those mothers in mind who choose to carry their baby(s) to term.  

There is no honor in abortion.  Surely, all mothers are not created equal.  Some girls as they grow up are always dreaming of being a mother.  With others, the thought can precipitate an anxiety attack.  For various reasons, most women struggle with the thought of being a mother.  And then, sooner or later, most women will hear from their doctors those sobering words…"your pregnant."  So many emotions at a time like that.  Such ambivalence for so many.

When a young woman gets married her identity changes.  Not in the sense of "who am I?"  But in the sense of "who am I in this new relationship with a man?"  Then it happens again when she begins to bear their children.  Now the question is somewhat larger and becomes, "Who am I in relation to this man who is now a father, and in relation to these wee ones that God has given to us to raise for Him?"

So what does a woman do who wants to honor God in her role as a mother?

Spiritual Needs

First, meet their spiritual needs. Read, understand and apply the greatest book on child raising that has ever been written.  Of course, I am talking about the Bible.  What you do as you read and apply the Book, will be felt for generations.   Mothering is best seen as a multi-generational pursuit.  The picture of a relay race is forming in my mind.  One could say that when a mother sets out to raise her children in the discipline and instruction of the Word of God, it is like beginning a relay race.  We as Mom's take the baton of Truth (His way of living), directly from God Himself and carefully hand it on to our children and they in turn to theirs.  And we all know that in a relay race it is extremely important not to drop the baton and not to drop out of the race.  These are two things that you absolutely cannot do.  Our children need to know who He is and what He has done and doing in our lives.  They, hopefully will begin to ask the question, "What does He want to do in my life?"  For this transition to happen ladies, we must be walking closely with Him each day so that the story of our lives that we are writing for our children will tell them about Him in a way that will cause them to want a relationship with Him as well.

Physical Needs

Second, meet their physical needs. We only need to look at Proverbs 31 to see the tremendous effort this godly woman put into meeting the needs of her family.  This is not simply meeting the needs of food, shelter, and clothing alone, although these certainly are important.  But there is more to this story.  Why does she work so hard for her family?  Because she cares about them.  She cares so very much about them.  In caring for her family, she teaches them to have compassion for and care for others.  So, as you do special things for your family members, as you treat them with respect, as you meet their needs, and as you go the extra mile , you make it easier for them to think of the needs of other people.  Perhaps someone is ill and in bed.  It only takes a minute to put a flower on the lunch tray and stay to read a story as the person, child or adult, is eating.  Or take a plate of cookies along with some milk or coffee to someone who is studying hard for a test.  This is a cheerful way to say that you care…and to teach the importance of meeting needs, even without being asked!


Teach them about human relationships – how to treat people. Edith Schaeffer says, "Human relationships start at birth and continue to death and adults have been teaching children lessons of how to treat other people, both in devastatingly horrible ways or in biblically right ways, whether they have ever thought of themselves as teachers.  Teaching takes place by example every minute of every day for every new human being by whomever is with that baby human being - hour after hour, day after day, month after month."  Further on the same page of her book she adds, "A family is a formation center for human relationships.  The family is the place where the deep understanding that people are significant, important, worthwhile, with a purpose in life, should be learned at an early age.  The family is the place where children should learn that human beings are made in the image of God and are therefore, very special in the universe."[1]  So, regardless of their color, their language, the appearance or any other difference they may have with you, it doesn't matter!  They are created in god's image and deserve respect and compassion.  Your family is a formation center for human relationships – a place where character is built and love for others is nourished.  This too, is included in our baton of Truth that we are passing on.

[1] Edith Schaeffer, What is a Family, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1975), p. 62.

Thank you for entering into my thoughts with me as now as an older mother I seek to sharpen you younger mothers in honoring God. From my heart to yours, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

~ Paulette ~

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